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Decorative wall cladding is done on the interior and exterior of buildings so as to enhance their authentic value. It can be done on existing walls to make them better or on undecorated walls. Some of the materials needed in making beautiful wall cladding include covering fittings, color strips, H-trim fittings and end cap pieces.

The process of wall cladding is done by placing the cladding sheets together and then fastening to the wall using screws. These fasteners will usually be hidden by the cladding. Nails can be used but only on wooden surfaces. The wall cladding can also be used on the ceilings or sometimes on the doors.

Some of the benefits of decorative wall cladding include: being water and rot proof, easy and cheap to install, requires no grouting, can be installed on a variety of surfaces, they are very hygienic and give a beautiful smooth finish.

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Used Places

May be widely used in galleries, exhibitions, saloons, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments and etc. An ideal decorative materials for buildings:

 Outer and inner walls

 Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations

 Telephone booths, yachts, industrial usage

Decorators Tips

Everyone wants to decorate their home in the attractive and unique way. The guest room is a very important part of your home. Whenever any guests visit your home, you take them to the guest room first. So you should decorate your guest room in the most unique way so that it gives a good impression to the guest about your home. There are various factors you should keep in mind while decorating your guest room.

While decorating your guest room, you should keep in mind the space available in the room. Depending on that you should a bed and other accessories for the guest room. Don’t over load the room with too much accessories because in that case it will be very stuffy for the guests. So if the space is not enough, then you can keep a small bed which the guest can use for sleeping as well as for relaxing. However with a big enough room, you also keep a separate sofa. Get some wardrobe made in your guest room where the guest can keep his bags and other things.

wardrobe made in your guest room where the guest can keep his bags and other things. The color of your guest room should be selected very carefully as it will reflect your taste and personality to the guest. The color of your guest room should in compliance with the interior of the rest of the room so that it is attractive and unique. You can keep some green plants in the corners of the guest room to impart a refreshing look to the room. A flower vas kept by the side of the bed or in the central can add to the beauty of the room. You can even hang some pictures on the walls of your guest room to add an aesthetic sense to the appearance of your room.

Benefits of Aluminium Partitions and Sliding Windows

  Easy Maintenance and operation

  Available in anodised finish, in a range of powder coated colours, or in wood-look coatings

  Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options -with different characteristics, thickness and colors

  Available in customs sizes,up to extremely large sizes

  Various invotative styles includinf folding,slicing and rotating doors

  Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment

  Well insulated againest sound and inclement weather

  Most aluminium windows systems can be repaires if required.